About Us

Locally Grown, Student Sown

What began in 2007 with a handful of teachers and farmers, has grown into partnership and collaboration at the district and community level on Bainbridge Island, with a vision to pair each school with neighboring farmland for edible education programs that can feed students from the classroom to the lunch room, and across grade level and subjects of study. Read more about our edible education programs for students… 

EduCulture fills an important need in our local community: providing farmers and teachers the organizational, programmatic and curricular support and oversight to cultivate integrated and dedicated farm-school relationships that mutually serve local farms and local K-12 and community based education.

See an overview of the EduCulture Program here. Click on individual slides to pause.

In addition to our Edible Education programs, we offer professional development for teachers to continue this work and interact with their material more deeply. We are developing a graduate degree certificate, as well as workshops, and lived experiences. Read more about our professional development… 

We are proud to also offer a unique and historically important program,  Only What We Can Carry, which uses the study of WWII, Japanese American Exclusion, and its impact on Bainbridge Island, to foster learning experiences about exclusion, inclusion and citizenship. An educational and community development project, OWWCC was founded to provide educators and citizens experiences that can inform a more lived curriculum for students, build bridges across generations, and enrich communities.