EduCulture Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Brenda Berry
Brenda is an involved in supporting her community through a number of local causes, including serving on the board of Bainbridge Island Youth Soccer and working with the non-profit, A New Course. Brenda has a background in education, has a Masters of Fine Arts, and works as a professional photographer.

Judy Friesem 
Judy is a mediator with a focus on cross-cultural understanding and family dynamics; she is also a mentor and trainer and has offered mediation trainings overseas. Along with her late husband Kim Bush, she was awarded the Kitsap County Human Rights Council ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in Dec. 2007. For more than 23 years, Judy created and led environmental education programs and workshops as well as designed interpretive exhibits and curricula.

Jonathan Garfunkel, M.A.Ed.
Jon is founder and Managing Director of Global Source Education and the EduCulture Project. He has worked across the landscape of K-12 education for the past 23 years, teaching in secondary and higher education, and designing and leading innovative professional education and curricular development projects, and consulting with K-12 schools and learning organizations.

Edward Mikel, Ph.D. 
Ed has been a teacher educator for 16 years, and currently serves as Director of the Center for Programs in Education at Antioch University Seattle, and before that worked as social studies teacher, research and evaluation specialist in a national educational laboratory, and a central office administrator in a large urban school district. He is author of numerous articles and co-author of Cultures of Curriculum (Lawrence Erlbaum, 2000).

In Memory:
Global Source mourns the loss of long time colleague and Board member, Kim Bush, who passed away in November 2011. He leaves big shoes for us to fill.

EduCulture Board of Advisors:

• Sheryl Belt, Wilkes Elementary School
• Gerard & JoAnn Bentryn, Bainbridge Island Vineyards
• Christy Carr, Friends of the Farms
• David Cowan, Physician, Healthier Kids Bainbridge
• Christine Fulghum, Woodward Middle School
• Charlotte Garrido, Kitsap County Commissioner, Kitsap Food Chain
• Brian MacWhorter, Butler Green Farms
• Lola O’Rourke, Nutritionist
• Rob Purser, Suquamish Tribe, Kitsap County Council for Human Rights
• Jonathan Scherch, Antioch University Seattle
• Karen Selvar, Bainbridge Island Farms
• Judith Weinstock, Food Muse Inspired Catering, West Sound Academy
• Betsey Wittick, Laughing Crow Farm

OWWCC Board of Advisors:

• Jim Corsetti, Principal, Sakai Intermediate School
• Bill Covert, Wilkes Elementary School
• Kathy Ellison, Sakai Intermediate School
• Frank Kitamoto, Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community
• Lilly Kodama, Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community
• Hisa Matsudaira, Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community
• Kay Sakai Nakao, Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community
• Jo Vander Stoep, Retired Principal, Sakai Intermediate School
• Mary Woodward, Educator and Author, “In Defense of Our Neighbors”
• Alisa Lynch, Manzanar Historic Site, National Park Service