Student Field Programs

The EduCulture Project connects classrooms and communities, designing the educational architecture to transform working landscapes into centers of teaching and learning. We present lived experiences that inform a more lived culture of curriculum, culture of schooling, and culture of community.

In partnership with local farms, schools and organizations, EduCulture works through education to preserve the traditions of our local farm and food community, and help conserve a relationship between taste and place for this and future generations. EduCulture also connects students to the living history of Bainbridge Island and Japanese American Exclusion through our Only What We Can Carry project.

Since 2007, the EduCulture Project has successfully developed and implemented a series of Edible Education programs that are serving Bainbridge Island and the wider Pacific Northwest. What began six years ago with a handful of teachers and classrooms, has blossomed into full school programs, collaborative planning among district leadership, and comprehensive vision for the Bainbridge Island School District that was presented to and embraced by the School Board.

The EduCulture Project creates locally grown edible education programs which bridge local farms, classrooms, lunchrooms and communities to foster scholarship, stewardship, citizenship, and sustainability. Read more about our Farm-School partnership and Edible Education offerings.

The Only What We Can Carry project is a unique opportunity for students that connects students to their community, local and global history, as well as generations of Bainbridge Islanders, through programs aimed to deepen their education about Japanese American Exclusion during WWII and the significant role Bainbridge Island played in our country’s history. Read more about Only What We Can Carry.

EduCulture has begun a number of other initiatives for students in our community. Leading these is our Bite of Bainbridge program, taking student grown, student sown produce from the field and serving it in school lunches in the district, really driving home the connection from farm to table for our students.