Connecting Place and Taste with Where We Live, Eat, and Learn!

EduCulture serves schools and communities in the Puget Sound region and beyond through locally grown educational experiences that honor region’s unique heritage and living culture. We utilize our community as curriculum to foster scholarship, stewardship, citizenship, and sustainability.

Since 2007, our work has been based on Historic Suyematsu Farm, Bainbridge Island.  Founded in 1928, Suyematsu Family Farm is one of the oldest, continuously farmed working landscapes in the region. It is  the largest production farm and hub of our Island’s farming community, and a treasured and iconic cultural asset.  Since the period of Japanese American Exclusion, Suyematsu Farm has become one of the most inclusive places on Bainbridge Island.  The farm has become an established historic and cultural site for teaching and learning about the Japanese American experience, and a living bookend to the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Memorial.

In 2023, EduCulture partnered with the Suyematsu Farm Legacy Alliance, who are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the living legacy and heritage of Akio Suyematsu and his family’s original farm as a community asset involving a center of active farming, interpretation and education.


You can support our efforts to restore and preserve Historic Suyematsu Farm, a vital cultural asset for Bainbridge Island and beyond, with a donation to the  Suyematsu Farm Legacy Alliance through a contribution to One Call for All.  Thank you!