About Us

♦ Connecting Place & Taste with Where We Live, Eat & Learn ♦

♦ Bridging Schools and Communities ♦

♦ Fostering Scholarship, Stewardship, Citizenship & Sustainability 

Students learn the true meaning of horse power at Laughing Crow Farm.

EduCulture, of Global Source Education, is a 501(c)3 non-profit, professional learning organization and field school with walls, that has been serving the Pacific Northwest and beyond since 1999.  We bring close to two decades of experience in designing, developing, and delivering educational programing to serve Pre-K, Elementary, Secondary, Post-Secondary and Community Based Education in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  EduCulture specializes in designing the educational architecture, seeding the leadership, convening the stakeholders, and delivering the educational programming to cultivate stronger bridges between schools and communities. EduCulture cultivates the lived experiences aimed at informing a more lived curriculum, fosters community as landscapes of learning, and situates placed based education using our Pacific Northwest bioregion as an outdoor classroom.

  • Expanding the boundaries of education, situating teaching and learning in authentic settings
  • Transforming community into curriculum and working landscapes into outdoor classrooms
  • Using Edible and Heritage Education to meet best practices and core standards
  • Creating lived experiences that inform the culture of curriculum
  • Educating children about where their food comes from
  • Bringing history to life, bridging generations, reclaiming our past to seed our future
  • Bearing witness to exclusion in order to better practice inclusion
  • Enriching the professional repertoires of educators
  • Building capacity for school-community partnerships
  • Working across communities to build a curriculum for the bio-region
  • Intercultural, intercommunity, inter-generational, interdisciplinary and integrated
  • Cultivating stewardship and citizenship skills towards an Edible Democracy
  • Repatriating the values of original community life within our modern age
  • Planting, nurturing and harvesting ground-breaking pilot programs
  • Pushing the boundaries of Edible and Heritage Education for the 21st Century
  • Education for the school and food communities we want to see

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