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EduCulture is a fiscal sponsor of Suyematsu Farm Legacy Alliance, who is a partner agency with Bainbridge Island’s One Call For All, a philanthropic community organization assisting local non profits like ours who do good work for the community. You can donate to EduCulture directly through their website.  Thank you to all of the One Call For All supporters who contributed to our local grown edible and heritage education programs for students, educators, and the wider Bainbridge Island community! Please consider Educulture during the One Call For All Annual Red Envelope Campaign.


Other Ways to Get Involved

Seasonal Internships

EduCulture is looking for an intern to help us archive and research the Suyematsu Family Homestead for our Only What We Can Carry programs.  Secondary or Post Secondary students with a serious interest in social studies, along with a penchant for research, writing, working and cataloging historical artifacts. This internship is a unique position allowing the intern an up close look at the original agriculture community on Bainbridge Island, and access to historical artifacts. The internship will provide professional experience, in return for the intern’s  contribution towards building an educational and historic foundation that will serve local schools. Hours served can be applied to community service hours, senior project, independent study contracts, etc. Interested students should contact us for more details.