EduCulture at 2012 Terra Madre

In Spring 2012, EduCulture’s founder, Jon Garfunkel was invited to be a delegate from our local food community to Terra Madre, an international food convivium held every two years in Turin, Italy.  In late October, he joined with 3000 people representing local food communities from 150 countries and many indigenous regions in an incredible gathering organized by Slow Food International.  He was also fortunate to be a delegate in 2010.

Jon met and worked with people from all over the world on edible education issues.  It was interesting to observe how many of local food communities around the world are in the same situation, dealing with issues such as the rise of obesity and access to fresh local foods.

Terra Madre takes place side by side with an giant food tasting event called Salone De Gusto, kind of a world’s fair of slow food from all over Italy and the planet, that attracts over 300,000 people. Your taste buds are blown out of the water.

Click here to find out more about Terra Madre.

This article from The Hindu was representative of what it was like to experience Terra Madre (maybe with the exception of the title):

Many thanks to Slow Food USA for sponsoring Jon’s participation at Terra Madre.  As in 2010, it was an experience that informs the work of EduCulture in many meaningful ways.


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