EduCulture Partners to Launch 1st ever “Specialization in Edible Education”

EduCulture is proud to be partnering on another ground breaking professional education program with our higher education partner Antioch University Seattle.  Edible education is an up and coming pathway to teach preK-12 students about sustainability and connections to land, our health, and our communities. This summer, we invite you to join a cadre of graduate students, formal & informal educators, and farmers to participate in the first ever course specializing in Edible Education!

Aims & Outcomes of this Pilot Course for K-12 Education:

  • Understanding food in context
  • Examining the role and place of food in our schools
  • Developing a better understanding of edible education in theory and practice
  • Understanding theories and practices that inform Edible Education curriculum and link to what children are already learning
  • Delving into the world of Food Justice and edible democracy
  • Learning about our Northwest Foodshed through three local food communities
  • Build your professional repertoire in bridging classroom and communities
  • By participating in this course you will be an integral part of a pilot program leading towards a professional certificate in Edible Education.

Classes: July 25, Aug. 8, & Aug. 22, 10am-4pm

Locations: Suquamish, Bainbridge Island and Seattle

Offered in 3 Professional Education Tiers:

  • Degree Credit (2-3 credits EDUC 600-ESE)
  • Degree Auditing Option (EDUC 600-ESE)
  • Professional Development Option (up to 15 clock hours)

– For more info about the AUS Degree Tiers, contact:

– For more info about the Prof. Dev. Tier, contact:

Presented by Antioch U. Seattle through a Community Partnership with EduCulture.


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