EduCulture Staff


Jonathan Garfunkel, MAEd, Founder & Managing Director
Jon has been working across the landscape of K-12 education since 1989. Half of that time has been spent teaching in secondary and higher education, and the other half designing and facilitating innovative educational programs, developing curriculum, and consulting with K-12 schools and learning organizations. He enjoys exploring the boundaries of local and global education and building bridges between classrooms and communities. Jon is a recipient of the Human Rights Day Award from the Seattle Chapter of the United Nations Association, and has been honored with the Wall of Fame Award from the Kitsap County Human Rights Commission.  Since 2003, Jon has also been adjunct faculty at the Center for Programs in Education, Antioch University Seattle.

Barbara Bolles, Edible Education Instructor & Curriculum Specialist
Barbara served as a classroom teacher in the Odyssey Multiage Program for the Bainbridge Island School District, where she helped to start the Odyssey School Garden program.  After leaving full time teaching, Barbara has dedicated her time to research and practice as a school garden specialist.  She is also one of first graduates of EduCulture’s Leadership in Edible Education Certificate Program.

Peggy Koivu, Edible Education Instructor & Curriculum Specialist
Peggy recently retired after more than three decades as an early elementary educator, including a long tenure as classroom teacher in the Odyssey Multiage Program for the Bainbridge Island School District, where she helped to start the Odyssey School Garden program.

Signe Quitslund, Artist in Residence
Signe served as an intern at Educulture in Fall 2016, while completing her degree at Seattle University, where she focused on the study of food systems.  She also has experience working in some of Seattle’s well known restaurants.  A graduate of the Bainbridge Island School District, it is a great to have Signe’s artistic contributions to Educulture instructional materials.

Field Instructors
♦ Farmer Brian MacWhorter, Butler Green Organics, Middlefield Farm
♦ Farmer Karen Selvar, Bainbridge Island Farms, Suyematsu Farms
♦ Farmer Betsey Wittick, Laughing Crow Farms, Bainbridge Vineyards
♦ Chef Brendan McGill, Hitchcock Restaurant
♦ Chef Tad Mitsui, Heyday Farm Kitchen
♦ Chef Judith Weinstock, Food Muse
♦ Diane Dempster, Charlie’s Produce
♦ Vern Nakata, Town & Country Market, Middlefield Farm
♦ Kay Sakai Nakao, Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community
♦ Lilly Kodama, Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community


We want to thank the wonderful people who have brought their energy and talents to helping EduCulture, and our parent non-profit Global Source Education, to grow and thrive over the years.

Larry Dohrs
Tashi Gyaltsong
Nortso Gyaltsong
Katrina Anderson
Amy Solomon
Yolanka Wulff
Phil Davis
Kathryn Keve
Sarah Ullman
Kari Pierce
Cara Cruickshank
Nick Poccia
Kristie Smith
Katie McDonald
Heidi Urish
Spring Courtright
Cindy Vandersluis
Lisa Reynolds
Valerie Randall

EduCulture Interns:
Signe Quitslund (2016)
Madi Taylor (2014)
Kari Pierce (2010)
Jill Warning (2010)
Sarah Ullman (2009)
Heidi Urish (2009)
Toby Jacobrown (2009)
Zia Ward (2008)
Robin Briggs (2007)