Farm to Table & Foodshed Dinners

Know where your food has come from
 through knowing those who produced it for you… Know where your food has come from
 by the very way it tastes: its freshness telling you 
how far it may have traveled
… so that you can stand up for the land
 that has offered it to you.
– Gary Nabhan, A Terroir-ist’s Manifesto for Eating in Place

Stay Tuned for Upcoming EduCulture’s Foodshed Dinners & Farm-raisers

Join EduCulture for an authentic farm to table experience in the fields where your food is grown.  Enjoy the pleasure of connecting place and taste, situated on the farmland where the ingredients of your meal are raised. Our slow food dinners and desserts feature what’s ripe and sweet within our regional foodshed at the height of the season.

EduCulture’s foodshed to fork dinners are part of a series of seasonal dinners aimed at bringing people together around the wild and cultivated food traditions of our Pacific Northwest bioregion, some call Salmon Nation.  This program is part of EduCulture’s effort to respond to a call for community-based edible experiences grounded in tasting what we most need to learn about our regional foodshed.  These dinners also serve as farm-raisers to support EduCulture’s local grown edible education programs.

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Guests Enjoy Farm to Fork to Cork Dinner

Guests Enjoy Fall Farm to Table Dinner at Mossback

Host Sites
Suyematsu & Bentryn Family Farms, Bainbridge Island, WA
Mossback, Kingston, WA
Filipino-American Hall, Bainbridge Island, WA

Featured Local Producers:
Around the Table Farm
Bainbridge Island Farms
Broken Ground Farms
Butler Green Farms
EduCulture Edible Education Programs
Farmhouse Organics
Gregory Farms
Hansville Creamery
Iggy’s Foods
Laughing Crow Farms
Paulson Farms
Neah Bay King Salmon from Key City
Bainbridge Vineyards
Bainbridge Brewery
Valholl Brewery
Tucker Distillery
Grounds for Change Coffee

Featured Guest Chefs:
Leslee Dixon
Pam Buitenveld
Tad Mitsui