Global Education

The page below is ARCHIVED information related to a past initiative of Global Source Education, the parent organization of EduCulture. Though these are not current projects of EduCulture, we feel there are valuable resources and information for educational purposes.

Global Education for Social Change

Through an multi-disciplinary inquiry-based approach, Global Source programs bring alive complex and controversial issues for students to study.

Our dialogues address questions such as “what is the role of education in times of crisis?” Global Citizenship programs address an array of topics: the crises in Tibet and Burma, high-impact events such as the WTO in Seattle and the effect on the American psyche from September 11, 2001.

By studying challenging global issues, young people are better prepared for civic participation, gain leadership skills, learn the importance of solving conflicts in their own lives.

When students have an opportunity to hear the diverse voices and understand the multiple perspectives in any, they are more able to arrive at their own informed position.

“I was impressed with the consistent attention to balancing opinions and exploring the topic from a variety of perspectives.”