Taking Applications for Summer Internships

EduCulture is seeking talented high school students for part-time summer internships.

Positions are open to assist with the maintenance of our demonstration plots at Morales Farm and Heyday Farms. Interns will oversee the care of farm animals and plants, help manage volunteers for work parties, and create interactive educational displays. Internships include some educational research and writing. Inters will gain first hand experience of small scale farming, form valuable connections to our master farmers, and develop skills in educational instruction.

We are also looking for one intern to help us archive and research the Suyematsu Family Homestead for our Only What We Can Carry programs. This is a position for a High School student with a serious interest in social studies, along with a penchant for research, writing, working and cataloging historical artifacts. This internship is a unique position allowing the intern an up close look at the original agriculture community on Bainbridge Island, and access to historical artifacts, as well as providing professional experience. Upon completion, the intern will have contributed towards building an educational and historic foundation that will serve local schools. Intern works closely with managing director and partners at the Bainbridge Island Historic Museum.

Internships are part time, with a weekly commitment of 2-3 days. We are looking for candidates to make minimum commitment of four weeks from June 19-the end of August. Hours served can be applied to community service hours, senior project, independent study contracts, etc. Interested students should contact us for more details.

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