Only What We Can Carry for Students

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The Only What We Can Carry projects seeks to connect students to the living local and global history of Japanese American Exclusion on Bainbridge Island during WWII. Through experiential programs that use our community as curriculum, we expand upon the lessons learned through our educators’ delegations to Manzanar, by providing lived experiences surrounding the unique history and heritage of this island community. Our aims are focused on enhancing and enriching the education of remaining generations, while grounding a culture of curriculum, school and community that can be sustained into a future we will not live to see.

Photo by Joel Sackett

Photo by Joel Sackett

These programs serve to bring this subject of study to life for schools on Bainbridge Island and throughout the Puget Sound region. We offer learning experiences and interpretative tours for students. When students experience living history they feel more deeply connected to this history and the community in which they live.

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