Only What We Can Carry Project Helps Host National Tour of Historic Suyematsu Farm

DSCN2172On July 7, about 150 visitors from around the US toured Bainbridge Island as part of a National Conference hosted by the Japanese American National Museum.   Our Only What We Can Carry project was honored to be involved in this special event.


OWWCC’s Jon Garfunkel organized the historic tours of Suyematsu Farm, accompanied by members of the Suyematsu family and farmers from Suyematsu & Bentryn Family Farmers Guild.  Visitors were treated to a locally grown lunch featuring greens, potatoes and raspberries from the farm.


Along with visiting the farm, these visitors also toured Bainbridge Gardens, Sakai School, and the BI Japanese American Exclusion Memorial.

There were almost as many docents hosting the event as guest visitors.  It was a special day that made one feel proud to be a part of our Island Community.

DSCN2159  DSCN2176




Photos courtesy of Ray Tabata

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