Partner Farms

EduCulture’s Edible Education Initiative began in 2006 through the generosity of farmers like Akio Suyematsu, Gerard & Jo Ann Bentryn, Betsey Wittick, Karen Selvar, Mike Paulsen, and Brian MacWhorter who allowed their agricultural landscapes to be used as learning landscapes by hundreds of local school children. EduCulture continues to serve as resident educators at Historic Suyematsu Farms, working with our partner farms and farmers to creating authentic landscapes of learning which contribute to the preservation of local sustainable agriculture, nurture farm stewardship and food citizenship, and inspire young people to become co-producers in their food communities.

Read more about our partner farm and farmers:

Historic Suyematsu Farm
Farmer Akio Suyematsu

Suyematsu & Bentryn Family Farms

Butler Green Organics and Farmer Brian MacWhorter

Bainbridge Vineyards

Laughing Crow Farms & Farmer Betsey Wittick

Current Suyematsu Farm & Bainbridge Island Farms