Salmon Conservation and Education

Salmon returning to Chico Creek (Photo: J. Garfunkel)

Salmon returning to Chico Creek (Photo: J. Garfunkel)

The page below is ARCHIVED information related to a past initiative of Global Source Education, the parent organization of EduCulture. Though these are not current projects of EduCulture, we feel there are valuable resources and information for educational purposes.


Salmonpeople is theatre so sly, so real, so razor sharp funny, it’s like going out to dinner with Robin Williams, Garrison Keillor and Johnny Appleseed, everybody talking with their mouths full. The show is a homespun tapestry of character insight, good science, good humor, and astounding freehand cartography. At one point, Peter’s on-stage persona, Cyrus Jackson, draws the entire map of our bioregion, naming over 100 rivers. From memory! Audacious storytelling, Salmonpeople is richly staged with beautiful sound and lighting environments. You’ve never seen anything like it.

Global Source is partnering with Peter Donaldson to bring this special program to local classrooms. This is a great opportunity to enrich and enhance your teaching and learning around education for sustainability, across the curriculum. Peter’s sees his work as “preparing our students to participate in the rapidly emerging sustainable economy. With sustainability as our context, we explore systems that unite subjects, integration that organizes information, and learning that is applied to real community issues.”

Global Source would like thank everyone that attended the show, and would encourage you all to continue to follow Peter Donaldson’s work.

To find out more about Salmonpeople and other projects, visit Peter Donaldson at