Tibet Education Network

The page below is ARCHIVED information related to a past initiative of Global Source Education, the parent organization of EduCulture. Though these are not current projects of EduCulture, we feel there are valuable resources and information for educational purposes.

Tibet Education Network (TEN) at Global Source is a unique, independent educational outreach project that fosters and supports the study of Tibet in elementary, secondary and community-based education. Since 1994, TEN has been building bridges between the world of education and the world of Tibet and between classrooms and communities, and served thousands of educators in North America.

TEN helps educators and students frame the study of Tibet to meet their teaching and learning objectives, and works across disciplines, standards, and settings. TEN approaches the study of Tibet as model for global, social and cultural education, bridging community and classroom with authentic voices from broad base of source material representing multiple perspectives and curricular avenues.

The work of TEN has been acclaimed by leading scholars, expert, and practitioners in the fields of education and Tibet. In 1998, Tibet Education Network received the Human Rights Day Award from the Seattle Chapter of the United Nations Association.